Holiday Gift Guide

I spent the better half of last weekend scrolling endlessly through Amazon’s curated gift guide’s and let me tell you, I’ve seen more random gift ideas than I care to admit. How many statement necklace’s do I need to scroll past before whoever designed the merch page understands that my mother has about 15 too many statement necklaces and rose gold was SO LAST YEAR?!

I might be a tad dramatic but, you get the point. I’m so ready to find a gift guide that has affordable suggestions for items that I would legitimately consider buying. So, at the risk of *SPOILER ALERT* my family finding out what they’re receiving from yours truly, I’m putting together the ultimate gift guide.  My family is pretty big; I have brothers, sisters-ish, parents, brother-in-law-ish-girlfriend, pets, friends, grandparents, boyfriends. You name, I have it. Hopefully, this gift guide helps your search in finding the perfect gift.


THE BOYS: Men are easy. Think about their hobbies, interests, etc. For example, my dad loves to cook so anything food/kitchen related is always a slam-dunk.

  • Brother: He’s livin’ life on the edge with his motorcycle this year so I’m purchasing a few accessories to keep him safe. #BigSister When it comes to siblings, if you’re in doubt… ask a parent. Your mother Santa will be more than happy to drop a few hints.
  • Father: I know my parents are looking to step up their TV game so, I’m getting my Dad a Roku.
  • Boyfriend: I try and purchase gifts that create memories. For example, our first year dating I got Kyle Bruin’s tickets (center line, right above the glass, borderline best seats in the house, plus one for me). Last year I decided to go with the drone. Heinsight is 20/20 but had I known he’d be drunk-and-droning, I probably would have rethought the gift. It was like, day 5 with the drone and it was already broken. $500 for 5 days of fun… almost priceless. This year we decided to go to Iceland so, the travel expense is going to be our gift to each other.
  • Boyfriend-of-sister: Sports jersey’s all the way. What’s his favorite team? Boom.
  • Grandfather: The classics. My grandpa loves anything sentimental and classic – least year I searched far and wide for this specific quarter from the 1800’s so he could add the rarity to his collection of coins. This year, he’s in the hospital so ordered a bunch of candy and nuts from, along with the fuzziest blanket ever created.

THE LADIES: In some respects, shopping for women is a bit easier because typically I can think of a million things. However, I also find a bit more added pressure to find the “perfect gift” when shopping for ladies in my life.

  • Mothers: Seriously, hardest people to shop for because they basically have everything. I always resort back to hobbies, for example, my mom loves to bake. Any cute, little, frilly, cupcake-y, pink (do I have enough adjectives?!) objects usually work. This year my parents are in the middle of remodeling their house so, I ordered two wrought iron sconces for the hallway that I know she’ll love.
  • Sisters: Is she girly? Talk a walk through Sephora. Is she sporty? Go to a game. Does she like music? Concert tickets. Does she like drinking wine while sitting on the couch watching The Bachelor in her PJ’s? Victoria’s Secret PJ’s + 3-month wine subscription. Go get your nails done. Book a spa day. Search Groupon for activities in your area.
  • Friend/random cousin/boss: Candle’s are my automatic default to anyone who I’m no sure if I should buy a present for but, decide to have a few extra just in case they give you something.
  • Grandmother: My grandma loves these very specific chocolates that you can only find this time of year. It’s basically tradition that I purchase a box of the chocolates (also, who knew that a box of chocolate is now like, $50?! Not me).
  • Girlfriend-of-brother: Maybe you know her well, maybe you don’t. Ask your brother what her hobbies are and go from there. I asked my brother and the text response was, “pizza, we love making pizza.” After connecting with that response on a spiritual level, I decided to purchase a pizza stone and ‘101 pizza recipes’ cookbook. All the pizza shall be had.
  • Yo’self: Girl, you just spent hours fighting through crowds, waiting in line, wrapping gifts, etc. Go get that Kylie Lip Kit, you deserve it.

Have a really great Christmas gift? Leave a comment below and share your ideas!